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No hot water Palmyra? Quokka Plumbing is here to help. No Call Out Fee*, Seniors Discount. Call 0431 114 443

If you are looking for a gas hot water repairs in Palmyra. Our local Palmyra plumbing service is fast, efficient, and value for money. We make it that way so we become your plumber of choice year after year.

Quokka Plumbers are a small team of local friendly, highly experienced plumbers. We are licensed, insured, police checked, and most importantly we will ensure any Perth plumbing issue is done right the first time.

Quokka Plumbing takes customer service seriously and we want to provide the best service for our customers when assisting with your gas and plumbing needs in and around Palmyra. We provide the best service because we want you to happily refer to us for any local Palmyra plumbing issues to your friends and family.

Here are some other plumbing jobs we can help with

  • Fitting new taps and fittings for a modern look to your home
  • Installation of water pipes for fridges and freezers with icemakers and water purifiers
  • Detection and dealing with tree roots in drains that cause blockages.
  • Toilet blockage issues, toilet leak fixes (You know that constant hissing noise) or complete replacement for a totally awesome new toilet
  • Water pressure adjustment for showers and taps.
  • Gas hot plate installation, oven replacement and more
  • Hot water systems advice, replacement, same day emergency systems if the system you want is a few days away.
  • We have experienced female plumbers available. Just request at time of contacting us

Quokka plumbing provide over the phone advice, free quotes and onsite visits for quoting on larger projects such as bathroom renovations.

We are a phone call or text message away. Remember there is no call-out fee during normal business hours and we provide seniors discounts.

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gas hot water repairs Palmyra – Give us a call for a free quote or advice.



We are a small family business dedicated in providing you quality service

We hop all around Perth Metro, Mandurah & surrounds

We are experts on all aspects of plumbing and gas work

We are friendly, considerate and tidy

We are fast workers and actually turn up

We give competitive pricing and free quotes

No call out fee

After-hours emergencies are our specialty

gas hot water repairs Palmyra: We Are Tidy and Neat Too

We ensure that after any plumbing work has been completed, our plumbers will leave your Palmyra home as clean as we found it, and often cleaner. That’s just what we do.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services for Palmyra

Plumbing issues often don’t wait for business hours to occur, Quokka Plumbing offers 24/7 emergency plumbing services for Palmyra.

A burst pipe or leaks needs a fast resolution as it can cause thousands of dollars in damages relatively quickly. Or it could be a blockage that needs clearing, a gas issue which is a safety risk. Any plumbing or gas emergency, call us.

Contact Quokka Plumbing on: 0431 114 443 if you need an emergency plumber in Palmyra today.

Local Palmyra Business’s:

As a local family business, we like to support local first and many of the below businesses provide services in your area for your home or business:

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Palmyra Kitchen Renovations
Insulation Installation Palmyra
Refrigeration Mechanic Palmyra
Palmyra Carpet Cleaning
Palmyra Emergency Plumber
Palmyra CCTV
Palmyra Free Property Appraisal
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Palmyra Award Winning Builder Perth WA
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Sliding Door Installation
Internal Door Replacement Palmyra
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Ceiling Insulation Palmyra
Rats Pest Control Palmyra

Core Services Quokka Plumbing Offer for – Palmyra home owners:

We want you to find us so we are listing a large range of the plumbing services we provide below.

Adjusting Of Gas Pressure Palmyra
Alfresco Gas Point installation Palmyra
Basin Taps Installation Palmyra
Bath Taps Installation Palmyra
Bathroom Or Kitchen Leak Repair Palmyra
Bathroom Renovation Plumbing Palmyra
Bio-clean Palmyra
Blocked Basin Clearing Palmyra
Blocked Bath Drain Clearing Palmyra
Blocked Floor Drain Clearing Palmyra
Blocked Grease Pipes Or Drains Clearing Palmyra
Blocked S Bend Clearing Palmyra
Blocked Sewer Clearing Palmyra
Blocked Shower Drain Clearing Palmyra
Blocked Trap Clearing Palmyra
Broken Garden Tap Repair Palmyra
Broken Kitchen Tap Repair Palmyra
Broken Washers Repair Palmyra
Burst Pipes Repair Palmyra
CCTV Inspections Palmyra
Chemical Drain Treatments Palmyra
Clogged Sink Clearing Palmyra
Cold Water Coming From Hot Tap Fix Palmyra
Connect A Dishwasher Palmyra
Cracked Toilet Bowl Repair Palmyra
Cracked Toilet Cistern Repair Palmyra
Dishwasher Installation Palmyra
Dishwasher Plumbing Palmyra
Drain Clearing Palmyra
Drain Smell Removal Palmyra
Emergency Gas Repairs Palmyra
Faulty Cistern Repair Palmyra
Fit New Water Point Behind Fridge Palmyra
Fixing of Blocked Drains Palmyra
Flooded Bathroom Renovation Palmyra
Fridge Connection to Water Pipes Palmyra
Fridge Installation Palmyra
Gas Bayonet Point Installation Palmyra
Gas BBQ Point Installation Palmyra
Gas Heater Checks Palmyra
Gas Hot Water System Installation Palmyraion Palmyra
Gas Hot Water System Repairs Palmyra
Gas Hotplate Installation Palmyra
Gas Leak Detection and Repairs Palmyra
Gas Outlet Installation Palmyra
Gas Oven Installation Palmyra
Gas Point Installation Palmyra
Gas Smell In Backyard Investigation Palmyra
Gas Smell In Kitchen Cupboard Investigation Palmyra
Gas Smell In Living Room Investigation Palmyra
Gas Smell Near Hot Water Heater Investigation Palmyra
Grease Smell Investigation Palmyra
Hidden Water Leak Repair Palmyra
Hot Water Pilot Light Won’t Light Fix Palmyra
Hot Water System Repair Palmyra
Hot Water Too Hot Fix Palmyra
Hydro Jet Blasting Palmyra
Installation of Gas Flue Pipes Palmyra
Repairs of Gas Flue Pipes Palmyra
Kitchen Renovation Plumbing Palmyra
Leaking Basin Repair Palmyra
Leaking Bath Repair Palmyra
Leaking Kitchen Repair Palmyra
Leaking Laundry Taps Repair Palmyra
Leaking Shower Repair Palmyra
Leaky Tap Repair Palmyra
Locating Hidden Gas Leak Palmyra
Natural Drain Treatments Palmyra
New Fridge Plumbing Palmyra
New Tap Installation Palmyra
New Toilet Installation Palmyra
Overflowing Toilet Repair Palmyra
Overflowing Drains Repair Palmyra
Pipe Locating Services Palmyra
Plumb in a Filtered Water System Palmyra
Poor Hot Water Pressure Fix Palmyra
Raw Sewerage Overflowing Repair Palmyra
Repairing No Hot Water Palmyra
Replacing Burst Hot Water System Palmyra
Running Taps Palmyra
Shower Taps Installation Palmyra
Slow Filling Cistern Repair Palmyra
Smelly Drains Fix Palmyra
Taps Won’t Turn Off Repair Palmyra
Toilet Backing Up Fix Palmyra
Toilet Blockage Clearing Palmyra
Toilet Gurgling Repair Palmyra
Toilet Plumbing Services Palmyra
Toilet Slow Draining Fix Palmyra
Toilet Not Flushing Fix Palmyra
Tree Root Removal Palmyra
Tree Roots In The Sewer Removal Palmyra
Washer Replacement Palmyra
Water Leak Detection Palmyra
Water Marks On The Wall Repair Palmyra

Live in Palmyra? Call Quokka Plumbing Today

We are ready to help you solve your Palmyra plumbing problems. Please give us a call for over-the-phone quotes, or to arrange an onsite inspection or immediate repair work.

Call 0431 114 443